Peek Inside Deema’s Amazing Closet

Maybe it was her smile or her impeccable style — either way, when we met Deema it was girl crush all the way, with ability to adapt any numbers of looks with ease and confidence. We were more than delighted to have an invitation inside her enviable closet.

Can you describe your style?

It’s hard to describe my style but you can say feminine and classic however my style depends on my mood, sometimes I love being sporty and casual!

What is your first designer bag?

Chanel Grand Shopping tote in nude

What is your IT bag?

Fendi Peekaboo

Who is your favorite designer?

Christian Louboutin; I am obsessed with shoes btw

Pick up your favorite Shoe, Piece of Jewelry, and Handbag from your closet?

My favorite shoes …mm so hard! I have so many but my lady peep Louboutin is one of my favorites besides my white Valentino

Favorite piece of jewelry would be my engagement ring and my vintage Chanel earrings which I got recently from your store! I’m obsessed with them.

Favorite bag is my metallic Chanel Boy bag

What bag is the most worn in your closet & Why?

My black Prada, very durable and practical bag!

What was the last designer item you bought?

Fendi Peekaboo bag

At this moment, what are you looking for when you shop, to complete your closet?

I’m looking for light colors bags because most of the bags I have are dark colored especially it’s summertime.

What are the accessories that you have from ages?

Chanel earrings, the older they get the more beautiful they are!

Name 5 things you think should be in every fashionista’s closet?

Classic pair of Louboutins black or nude or both

A classic Chanel bag black or nude or both

The perfect LBD (little black dress)

Good pair of jeans

Puffy skirts….I love puffy skirts, so feminine

These are the must-haves items in my opinion

What thing/s you would never buy?

There is nothing I can think of, to be honest! [laugh]

Besides lipstick and phone what else three items you always have in your bag?

My wallet, chewing gum and my perfume!

Do you cash in your closet to finance new must-haves?

I haven’t done it yet but I will defiantly consider it

Do you buy pre-owned designer handbags/accessories?

I have bought pre-owned accessories but bags not yet. However defiantly considering buying a classic vintage Chanel bag!

What’s your favorite color?

Gold and Silver. I love metallic shades

Who’s your fashion icon?

So many, people around me always inspire me. However my favorite is Anna Dello Russo, very inspirational fashion icon.

And on a personal level, my grandmother – she was so stylish back in the days and still stylish. She always inspires me and used to dress me up when I was a kid. Oh and she passed me some of her beloved items

Vintage or New?

Vintage…it’s the IT thing….

Diamonds or Pearls?


Heels or Flats?


Pants or Skirts?

Skirts and big ones [laugh]

Instagram or Facebook?

Defiantly Instagram!

You can follow Deema on instagram through her account – and enjoy daily dose of inspirational style



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