Balenciaga Navy Cabas; Affordable Garden Party?

Balenciaga’s Navy Cabas  is a sleek take on a warm-weather classic. Crafted from beige cotton-canvas, the capacious shape is lent structure by the Tan/Black/Navy Blue leather panels and is detailed with a Balenciaga logo stamp in front, make it perfect for throughout the season, shopping or on vacation.

It comes in three colours and two sizes, you can consider it as an affordable Hermes Garden Party! however I Like the Balenciaga’s version more!

Balenciaga Navy Cabas

Balenciaga Navy Cabas 2

Balenciaga Navy Cabas blueNavy Cabas Small size comes with a removable small pocket

Balenciaga Navy Cabas 4

Prices in Dubai & USA

balenciaga navy canvas two sizes

Hermes Garden Party V.S. Balenciaga Navy Cabas

Hermes Garden Party Vs Balenciaga Navy Cabas

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