Louis Vuitton Iconic: Speedy

Un-boxing my Lovely Speedy size 30 in Monogram

Born in 1930 as a smaller version of Keepall by Georges Vuitton  for everyday use, later in  1960 size 25 was introduced for Audrey Hepburn, that it captured the hearts of countless women with its characteristic cubic shape. The bag survived for the past 85 years in same design with number of limited edition versions by Marc Jacobs, Takashi Murakami, Stephen Sprouse and others

We believe that speedy should be in every girl/woman’s closet, and it’s also a great investment!

Back in 2009, I remember I got my first speedy in monogram size 30 for AED2450 then later a year after I got it in Damier Azur for AED2650, and sure as I do have a mood swing for bags I sold both of them and eventually I had to re-buy it again last week for AED3650!

I have noticed couple of changes in the bag production and would like to share them with you

louis vuitton speedy new






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