Chanel new prices in Dubai!

The french fashion house Chanel will begin to align its prices worldwide starting with three models only on 8th April; Chanel Medium Flap, Chanel 11.12 (Chevron) Flap and the Chanel Boy. As a step forward launching their first e-store at the end of 2016. Yes! finally you can order your favourite piece from the comfort of your home.

As result of this price align “harmonizing” some markets will enjoy the price drop like us in Dubai while others will be disappointed with the price increase.

Prices are already adjusted in Dubai, and below showing before and after;


Chanel Medium Flap 

Was AED22,700

Now AED17,668

Yes 21% down!


Chanel Boy

Was AED17,000

Now AED15,000 (however still depends on the season)


Chanel 11.12


Chanel headlines news at Singapore Times


Customers line up as they wait to go inside a Chanel shop at a shopping mall in Shanghai. Reuters



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  1. 1

    What size Boy is priced above please? The small?
    This is a great post.
    If you can, please update with more sizes and prices. It would be really helpful!

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