Sell with us

Sell with us

Wanna buy a new bag? Why keep the old one laying in your closet?

We know just how hard it is to let go your treasured designer pieces, especially when you've spend a fortune on them, but cleansing your closet is not only good for your style cred - it's also great for your wallet. Make sure your precious pieces are going to a good home by selling your handbags and accessories at The Closet.We are offering a consignment service and cash now for your authentic designer items (Handbags, Fashion Jewelry, Wallets and Clutches) that is valid for minimum of 60 days on our online and retail shops. We're committed to sell your items quickly while making every attempt to obtain the highest possible retail selling price for the consigned Item. 

Why to sell with The Closet?

  1. Two retail shops in the heart of Dubai, branch in Egypt and proffesional Online store which increase the possibilty of your items to sell faster

  2. The Closet pride  itself to be the faster seller in the market

  3. Lowest comission in the market, as low as 20%*

  4. A quality environment for your item

  5. High visibility for your items due to proffesional photoshoots, non stop marketing and weeklynewsletters

  6. Guaranteed and fast payment for the consignor

  7. Simple and fun ways to manage your sales to give you a quality user experience

  8. Access to an international community of fashionistas

How it works:

  1. Drop the item(s) you wish to sell to our Sunset mall branch (or) submit online using our easy form. (click on sell now below)

  2. Our buying team will get back to you with price quotation within 7 working days.

  3. If you accept quotation, we offer free pick up for your items from your doorstep.

  4. Once we receive your item(s), it will be verified for authentication.

  5. Once your item(s) get sold you get paid. (view our terms)

Brands we take:








Christian Dior

Christian Louboutin


Dolce & Gabbana





Harry Winston



Louis Vuitton


Manolo Blahnik





Van Cleef & Arpels

Saint Laurent


Condition we accept


We accept gently used handbags free of significant defects such as excessive wear, tears, smoke odor, stains,broken hardware, or missing serial numbers. If an item has been repaired or colour restored, it must have been done at the brand's spa


We accept brand new shoes or shoes worn only a few times with no significant signs of use.


We accept jewelry free of significant defects such as excessive wear, rusty, missing stones,broken part or missing serial numbers or stamp


Must be in working order and preferred polished

Terms and conditions

1. Price quotation will be sent after 5 office working days excluding Friday and Saturday and Holidays

2. Price commission structure is as per below:

SELLING PRICE BRACKET % TO CONSIGNOR                % TO THE CLOSET                 
AED0 – AED5,000 70% 30%
AED5,001– AED15,000 75% 25%
Above AED15,000 or Brand New          80% 20%
***Used Shoes 60% 40%
***Brand New Shoes 70% 30%

3. If price/s is/are being agreed by both parties, item/s is/are to be on display for minimum of 2 months.

4. If consignor decides to collect the item without reaching 2 months, there will be a charge of AED150 per item. 

5. The Closet is following “First-In, First-Out” Policy in website listing and everything in on queue to be posted.

6. If consignor disagreed to sell the item/s, they should collect it back within ONE WEEK PERIOD ONLY from the date the price/s has been sent. Collection of item/s is from Sunday to Thursday (10AM to 6PM). In case there will be a shipment request; any charges shall borne by the consignor as cash on delivery basis.

7. If item/s remains unsold and communicated for return, Consignor is only given MAXIMUM OF TWO WEEKS for collection. In any case, there will be a failure to respond to all means of communication, The Closet has the right to dispose the item/s and/or sell wherein Consignor will no longer has the right nor collect any amount. Failure of correspondence means allowing The Closet to do any action to the item; may it be given for charity purpose and/or sell at any price.

8. Upon authentication or after sale if item/s is/are found to be counterfeited, there will be a charge of AED500 per item. Seller agrees to return any and all funds issue for such item(s) to The Closet.

9. Settlement releasing will be as follows:


 Note: If the specified days falls on Friday and Saturday and Holiday, 

settlement shall be prepared on the next office working day.

Calendar days 1 to 10               11th day of the month                        
Calendar days 11 to 20 21st day of the month
Calendar days 21 to 31 1st day of the month

10. The Closet shall decide to which branch the item/s is/are to be on display. Item/s shall be distributed and be selected accordingly by The Closet whether to be on Sunset Mall, Jumeirah Center and/or Zag Store in Cairo, Egypt.

11. The consignor shall agree to the declaration of the full information of the item/s. This refers to the name and contact number of the person who purchased the item/s from the brand. This means allowing The Closet to provide such information to the buyer whenever it is necessary or needed after getting the item sold.

12. The item/s can be put under layaway for 30-60days wherein 25% of the amount shall be deposited. Item/s shall be out of the display until the payment completion. A 10% of the selling price shall be deducted to the amount deposited in case there will be a cancellation.

13. In case, the item/s is out for delivery or under Layaway, Consignor is not allowed to collect the item back or request for settlement until the status is cleared.

14. There might be a high possibility for item/s that are Brand New to get some scratches on the leather and metal parts; and for the shoes to its platform during the display and The Closet shall not be liable to it if item/s remains unsold and subject for return.

15. If the item/s remains unsold, The Closet shall not be liable to any natural changes i.e. hardware and/or leather color change or any equivalent. Consignor fully understands that item/s is/are exposed for display and change/s is/are natural condition.

16. Valuable thing/s which is/are left behind inside consignor’s belonging, The Closet shall not be liable/accountable nor chargeable for any lost. It is consignors’ responsibility to check that there’s nothing left inside their bags prior to sending to The Closet for selling.

17. That consignor agreed to allow The Closet in sending the item to its main manufacturer to guarantee authenticity which normally takes three to five (3-5) months.