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Waiting on your income, but do not want your favorite item to be sold? THE CLOSET has the solution for you!

Layaway allows you to keep your must-have item on hold, paying only 30% as a deposit, and giving you up to 90 days (3 months) to pay the rest!

 However, should you want to cancel the layaway or if you failed to complete the final payment after the 30 days grace period, your money will be refunded minus 10% of the total price as a non-refundable fee.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The minimum value of the item should be AED3000 to avail 3-month layaway plan

  2. The payment plan as below: -

    • -  Down Payment: 30% Nonrefundable from the total amount of the item excluding VAT.

    • -  First Payment: 20% to be paid after 30 days form the down payment.

    • -  Second Payment: 25% to be paid after 60 days from the down payment.

    • -  Third Payment: 25% to be paid after 90 days from the down payment.

    • -  Value added tax (VAT): to be added to the Third Payment.

  3.  3-month layaway program is not applicable for exchange the item.

  4. Failure to pay any of those payment before the mentioned dates the transaction will be cancelled automatically with deduction of the downpayment.

  5.  3-month layaway program is applicable for early settlement without any charge.

  6. Once the final payment is complete, the item will be sent to or collected by you immediately.

How it works

1. If you are interested in layaway an item on the website, just select Yes as an option

2. Proceed to checkout by clicking add to cart

3. You will pay only 30% of the item's price as layaway deposit

4. The layaway remaining can be paid any time from your The Closet account, Layaway orders

If you wish to layaway an item at the store, you are offer to pay the 30% by cash or card, for more information contact us