All THE CLOSET items are guaranteed to be authentic. We are totally against fake as its illegal, and our belief that it is a total waste of money to spend thousands on fake handbags or accessories while you can buy pre-owned authentic with the same price! With THE CLOSET you can shop with confidence, before any item is posted to The Closet website or sold through our shops, it is SYSTEMATICALLY meticulously checked by our highly qualified authenticators to guarantee compliance and authenticity. We Offer you a lifetime money back (full refund) if not authentic. In addition, we provide THE CLOSET Authenticity certificate with all our orders. 

The Closet's tips for happy and safe pre-owned luxury shopping! 

1  The Price:if it's too good to be true, then it's NOT true! even though it's a pre-owned item however designer items keep their value so don't be deceived by very low price.

2  Review: before buying make your homework about the place/website you are buying from, search online what others say about this place and their experience.

3- Warranty: does this shop provide authenticity card of its own? and what their refund policy if proven unauthentic.