May be it’s time to Invest! Chanel Classic Flap Price Increase 2018!

Still didn’t makeup your mind to buy this timeless iconic bag or not! Think again! think fast! With VAT implementation in UAE beginning of this year, here you go again Chanel makes it even harder to own your dream bag without breaking the bank, with price increase of almost 10% for their classic flap bags. The price of the classic flap has increased by +70% in the last 7 years alone! make it a better investment than buying a house.

Price increase in Dubai

Price increase in USA

Chanel Classic Maxi Flap for AED15,000 (+VAT AED187.5)

USD 4,050 (Free Shipping worldwide)

Do the Math!

Brand New Price: AED24,620 + VAT 5% AED1,231 = AED25,851

The Closet Price: AED15,000 + VAT (5%of our commission only not selling price) AED187.5 = AED15,187.5

You Save AED10,664 (41% off Retail Price!)

May be more reason to buy from THE CLOSET <3 , To make sure you aren’t missing our classic flaps, follow us on Instagram @theclosetuae and turn on notification .

Do you have Chanel Classic flap you wish to sell? Sell for us for CASH NOW. Submit an item for sale



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